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well, yes.  

What, I was the only one who shouted “exactly!” at the screen when Mrs Tran said that?

That’s part of the communications disconnect I’ve been hammering away on.  Because Sam is thinking that they’re brothers, and brothers don’t do that.  But Dean’s mindset isn’t brother, no matter what he calls it.  It’s PARENT.  

John went to hell for Dean.  Dean went to hell for Sam.  Sam isn’t a parent, he can’t understand that level of love (and he shouldn’t).  But because of that, he can’t understand how to tell Dean “it’s okay, I’m grown up now, you have to let go” in the way most teenagers learn how to deal with their parents - and Dean has no experience of disengaging from his own father, who held onto him even after death…. (and so did Bobby, for that matter).

*flappy hands* THAT!

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